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Sole Administrator of INGENIA Srl., Marco Di Paolo holds a Degree in Construction Engineering from the University of Genova.
He is also Technical Expert in Environmental Acoustics, Provider of Energy Certification Services (Liguria Region) and Fire Protection Engineer.
He has been Research Fellow at the Department of Industrial Production, Thermo-energy, Engineering and Mathematical Modelling (DIPTEM) of the University of Genova, with various research grants aimed, inter alia, to develop a prototype silencer with high noise protection for pipes through the use of wastes.
For several years he has been CEO and project manager for Arcadia Srl, with regards to noise reduction interventions.
He has also worked as a consultant within different areas for major northern Italian companies: determination of noise levels in several industrial plants, occupational vibration and noise exposure assessment, risk assessment of explosive atmospheres in workplaces.
The consulting activity in Acoustics also concerns numerous other projects such as hospital projects, noise abatement of production areas, sound power measurement of industrial equipment, noise impact assessment and prediction in naval environments, building noise testing.
Furthermore he deals with activities related to structural planning and noise abatement interventions.