Research Fellow at the Department of Mechanical, Energy, Managerial and Transport Engineering (DIME) of the University of Genova within a new products development programme for airborne noise control in naval and marine sector, Ilaria Pittaluga holds a Degree in Civil Engineering - Architecture at the University of Genova, where she did a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering.
She has been Research Fellow at the Department of Industrial Production, Thermo-energy, Engineering and Mathematical Modelling (DIPTEM) of the University of Genova within the programme “Generation and propagation of noise in aeraulic plants”.
She collaborated with CIRIAF (Interuniversity Research Centre Pollution from Physical Agents) with a research grant for a programme about noise mapping and noise reduction interventions of road infrastructure within NADIA European Project.
She is project coordinator for the University of Genova (lead institution) and member of the technical commission of MESP (Managing the Environmental Sustainability of Ports for a durable development) under the ENPI CBC MED programme.
She is author and co-author of several scientific publications in the field of environmental acoustics.