Born at the beginning of 2012, we can boast a wide range of research and consulting experiences within the academic activity, on behalf of many public bodies and major private companies, such as:
Forecast evaluation of the climate and the impact of noise.

Ansaldo Ricerche
Measurement of the sound power level of the gas turbine Turbec T100.
Ansaldo Energia
ARTE Provincia di Genova
Evaluation of acoustic climate for housing project.
Azimut Cantieri Navali
Evaluation of sound comfort on board of powerboats.
Camera di Commercio di Savona

Acoustic planning of the Auditorium of the Regional Studies Center.

Cave di Yarm

Acoustic study of the Aula Magna of the University of Genoa.

Compagnia delle Opere Liguria

Interventions of acoustic correction.

Comune di Genova

Advice on the development of the Municipal Noise Abatement Plan.

Comune di Pagani

Acoustic planning of the Multipurpose Centre Auditorium.

Comune di Rapallo
Drafting of municipal noise classification.
De Martini Research
Genova Reti Gas

Noise pollution check from industrial activities.

Grifil srl

Evaluation of the acoustic climate for commercial construction interventions.

Anti-diffraction feasibility study for wooden noise barriers.
Planning of acoustic barrier for offices.
Mediterranea delle Acque
- Noise pollution check from industrial activities.
- Advice for acoustic remediation of wastewater treatment plant.
Parco Scientifico e Tecnologico della Liguria
Development of a prototype high reduction silencer for air ducts by re-use of materials exhausted.
Pirelli R.E.

Evaluation of acoustic climate for the realization of a Hospital.

Progetto MCK
Studio acustico per l’Istituto Europeo di Oncologia in Milano.
Regione Liguria
Research agreement "Noise and school environments".
Rete Ferroviaria Italiana
Study of acoustic reclamation for railway viaduct.
- Acoustic study for the National Neurological Institute in Milan.
- Assessment and control of noise generated by the Energy House of the European Institute of Oncology in Mila.
Techint Spa
- Advice on acoustic building for the project of a new Hospital.
- Advice on acoustic building for project of a university hospital.
- Advice on acoustic and green building for the renovation project of the Milan Polyclinic.
Università di Genova

Noise impact of the sound sources of a University Settlement.