MITHRA-SIG Acoustic Mapping Software

Co-developed by Geomod and CSTB, MITHRA-SIG is the first module of the software suite MITHRA-Suite, designed to simulate the propagation of  noise from stationary (plants, industrial sites) and mobile sources (roads, railways, airports).
MITHRA-SIG is characterized by its intuitive implementation, the performance of his calculations, the dynamic visualization of its results, its ability to communicate with input / output and quality of documents produced.
The software represents a turning point the field of numerical simulation, because it achieves a full integration between GIS and calculation engine.
The input is facilitated by the ability to import maps from Google Earth.
The results have a strong graphic impact, given the possibility to export graphics output file on layers compatible with Google Earth.img
MITHRA-SIG is a software used all over Europe by Research Institutions, Public Administrations, Professionals and Associations.
The latest version, MITHRA-SIG V3, consists of a complete review of the software, that uses the next-generation computing engines of CSTB (a dedicated geometric ray tracing engine, a physics engine dedicated to acoustics). The new version brings a high level of usability, dynamic maps, the 1/3 of octave, an advanced reporting tool… a new benchmark for acoustic in environment!.

Helping decision-making and communication



MITHRA-GIS enables the measuring of the acoustic impact of proposed development indicating the population affected by changes. 2D maps and 3D visualizations can be used to aid communication and dialogue. They provide clear information for public consultations relating to proposed development.
MITHRA-SIG enables the creation of sophisticated maps in PDF format, the export of data for web display, visualization in Google Earth™ using KML, real time simulation in virtual models

User friendly, MITHRA-SIG has primarily been designed for professionals who deal with environmental issues and urban development, in order to analyze the impact of noise sources and realize 2D and 3D acoustic maps.
MITHRA-SIG is used by:
• Technical services of local authorities responsible for statutory noise mapping
• Technical services of County and Regional Councils, to assess the acoustic impact of construction projects
• Government agencies responsible for mapping noise from road and rail
• Acoustic research professionals

• Choice of degree of accuracy: beam shot, rays shot, fast ray shot
• Computation of index: Lden, Ldn, Lnight, Levening, Lday or by hour
• Display of labels showing prediction results and measurement campaign dataimg
• Data analysis showing maps before and after implementation of noise reduction procedures, s.g. acoustic barriers or traffic rerouting
• Creation of threshold maps
• Calculation of population affected by noise and calculation of areas by noise levels
• Exploitation of the Imagine database (European Imagine Project) providing more than one thousand of industrial noise sources
• Reading and/or writing of over 160 GIS, CAD, database and graphic formats
• Simulation of noise sources: from road, rail (train and tramway) and industry
• Calculation of noise levels conforming to EU directive 2002/49/CE
• Choice of calculation method: NMPB2008 (octave and 1/3 of octave), ISO9613, NMPB96 (XP S 31133), Harmonoise (1/3 of octave)
img• Creation of dynamic maps: maps on receivers placed by the operator, 2D maps, 3D maps showing noise distribution on building facades and vertical sections. Dynamic maps can also display results “on the fly” as gridded data, equal-loudness curve or polygons.

MITHRA-SIG is organized in 4 modules:
• Road
• Rail (train and railway)
• Industry
• Analysis (labels management, combination of gridded data)

3 levels are available :
• LIGHT : up to 5 km²
• MEDIUM : up to 20 km²
• FULL : unlimited

Potential of GIS tools
There are 2 levels of functionality:
• Map Manager: simple functions of creating and editing, for an average experienced professional
• Map Editor: advanced functions of creating and editing for an experienced professional

• Intel Pentium D, 2.8 G Hz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
• 3 GB of RAM
• Windows XP or newer versions

• Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.4 G Hz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+
• 8 GB of RAM
• Windows Vista 64 bits or newer versions